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Joel D. Altman

Joel Altmanís career at Life began in the United States of America. As a young man he attended the Universite de Montreal and graduated in or around 2006. Joel received a BA in Linguistics and Translation. He has published a number of writings in both Linguistics and Semantics.

Following college, Joel became a worldly traveler, inhaling and exhaling (sometimes in a reflective manner) across the globe in countries such as Brazil, Quebec, Russia, Jordan, Argentina, Portugal, and Holland. He has worked in a wide variety of fields including an apprenticeship with a jeweler, meditation, and community service work with the Pendle Hill Organization where he assisted with growing crops and cooking food.

Joel has been working as the Spiritual Guide and Office Manager at the Altman Law Firm, LLC since March 2008. Of his many interests, he is most interested in diagonal lines, misfortune, budding flowers, red toenails, and open windows; he does not however have any current magazine subscriptions. Joel is an ambitious fellow who has made it his lifeís pursuit to catch up with Time.