Criminal Defense Litigation
We have over 32 years of experience in the area of criminal law as a former Assistant District Attorney of Chester County, PA and as former Judicial Law Clerks who have first hand knowledge of how the criminal justice system works and who have tried jury and bench (judge alone) trials.
Our unique experience has enabled us to enjoy significant success in having our clients’ summary offense, misdemeanor and felony charges greatly reduced and often dropped completely.
Whether you are a juvenile (under 18 years old) or an adult, if you have been charged with any type of criminal charge – summary, misdemeanor and felony offense – for traffic violations, vehicle violation, suspended license, DUI, underage drinking, assault, sexual, arson, kidnapping, disturbing the peace, burglary, robbery, theft, shoplifting, forgery, obstruction of justice, firearms violations, drug possession (marijuana, cocaine, crack, etc.) or any other summary offense, misdemeanor or felony, call us immediately and we will be able to assist you.
Altman Law has represented a variety of businessmen and other professionals in a number of Federal District Courts throughout the United States who face criminal charges of a variety of federal white-collar crimes, including: Wire fraud, Tax fraud, Mortgage fraud/real estate fraud, Business fraud and theft, Accounting fraud and Embezzlement.
White collar criminal charges are very serious and carry extreme consequences including jail time, restitution and hefty fines. Altman Law has already helped many facing these difficult charges; let us help you as well. If we are not admitted to practice in the particular federal District Court where your case is filed, we can move to appear by motion for permission (Pro Hac Vice) to represent you.
If you do not see the particular area of criminal law mentioned, call us to determine whether we handle that type of case.